Saturday, May 8, 2010

404 Not Found - Ironical

Recently I was just wondering, if the Great Developer, one responsible for my thread being still in active state in Earth's Environment, knows about the 404 error code or not. Cause many times I have found myself in situations where I just don't know how to find a few things.

Take for example Silence / Peace . Ever wondered that humans can not create silence or peace. Its just that they can reduce the noise that leads to development of silence, but we just cant create silence just like the way we can produce noise.
Same goes for Darkness. Darkness is something that is caused by the absence of light, and we just don't know how to create darkness.

But as I see it, these are the things that each one of needs at some point of our life, at least I do. So why did this GOD guy deprived us of access right to these things ?
Not fair, not at all !! :(

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